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Hey there,

I have some exciting news! CandyMC is hosting a giveaway and you can join it! This giveaway is a rank giveaway where you can win the Sherbet rank!

You could get access to all these awesome features:
Access to 1 player vault (/pv)
Access to 5 homes
Access to /hat
Access to /sell hand
Prefix in chat

How to enter:
Now here comes there easy part, simply enter, no need to follow us anywhere! Go to login and click enter!

Be quick! It ends at midday on the 1st BST

Survival server reset and beta testing!

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We are pleased to announce that the survival server shall be becoming awesome, for a few weeks we have been working on bringing you the best survival experience!

Survival server reset
Today the old survival server was turned offline whilst our team of developers put the finishing touches on the new one before beta testers can come and join the server. The reset will result in your progress being removed, this includes things form your balance to your builds, however, you will be please to know with this there will be no more frequent server crashes or chunk corruption issues, we are also going to have a fair economey, this isn't the same as our last "fair economey" in this economey we have taken things from mining to mob farm grinding into account to create the best shop we can! Oh and believe me this is not all!

How do I become a beta tester?
You can apply ton become a beta tester by clicking here

We are...

Happy Easter and some news about 1.14

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We hope you all had an awesome easter and stuffed your face with lots of chocolate!

It's no new news that Minecraft 1.14 has been released today and we understand you have a lot of questions! We are here to answer them for you!

Will I be able to connect with 1.14?
Yes! Our developers are already working on systems that will allow players to connect using 1.14 and we hope this update will be released soon!

Will 1.14 blocks and mobs be implemented?
They will not be implemented right now even once we release 1.14 join compatibility is added to the server, survival will remain on the native version of 1.13.2 and skyblock shall remain on the native version of 1.8.8.

Don't forget to cast your vote on the poll of this thread!

Welcome to the Candy MC forum!

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Welcome to the Candy MC forum!

CandyMC is a SkyBlock and Survival server, we rebranded forum the Dragon Mine server and network which featured survival and factions.

Will my progress on Survival be lost?
Absolutely not! Nothing in Survival has been changed apart from the Dragon Mine branding.

Will my progress on Factions be lost?
Unfortunately, Factions shall no longer be continued on the CandyMC network and is being replaced by SkyBlock

We once again welcome you to CandyMC and don't forget to register an account!